Got A Cool Idea?

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We’re always looking for a fun new project that gives us the opportunity to solve a problem. Maybe you need help automating your processes. Perhaps you have an idea for an application that will turn the world upside down! Whatever it is, we want to be a part of it.

Web application projects are not billed on a fixed bid like our websites. This projects are estimated on one or more statements of work based on an hourly fee of $50.

Below is the process we follow on all of our application development projects.

Asking The Right Questions

The single most important step in any project is asking the right questions. Most projects that take too long or go off course do so because the right questions weren’t asked in the beginning.

We’ll help you think through all the aspects of your project. Most idea creators only think through about 40-50% of what it will take to complete the project. We can show you the things your missing and help you find the right answers before the project begins.

This initial process will end with a statement of work for the Minimum Viable Product.

Minimum Viable Product

Once we have determined all the information we need to develop your project, we’ll create a statement of work that provides a roadmap to reach your minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP is the base project that performs the main task that you want it to do. This allows you to see a working product faster than traditional product development where you wait for months with no idea if any progress is being made.

Once the MVP has been completed, we’ll work with you on developing all the bells and whistles you want in an agile process. While we work on the bells and whistles, you can test and even use the MVP. This process allows you to make informed decisions about the direction of your project while it is underway instead of waiting for it to be „done.”

Agile Is Awesome

Each new part we add to the MVP is done using Agile methods. Basically, that means that we develop small parts individually and push them out to you for testing and approval. This process allows us to focus on specific tasks and it gives you the opportunity to decide which features are most important.

Agile methods allow you to take control over your cost and timeframe by letting you decide what is done next. Each new feature is it’s own statement of work and is estimated and billed separately on an hourly basis.


Ready To Get Started?

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