Website Development For ALL Devices

Step 1: Consultation

The first thing we do is sit down with our potential clients and discuss their goals, what elements they like and what they want the website to communicate. It is important to understand exactly what capabilities you want your website to have from the beginning. Changes later in the process take extra time and cost more money. We do our best to help you avoid that through our initial consultation.

The consultation usually takes about an hour and we charge $250. This fee is rolled into our quote unless you choose not to move forward with our services.

Step 2: Contract

Once we’ve evaluated your needs we’ll send you a website development contract detailing exactly what we will be doing for you, the cost and payment requirements. It is crucial that you understand exactly what we are providing as it will determine when the project is completed and what constitutes change orders or new statements of work.

Most websites can be done in two weeks and take roughly 80 hours from start to finish. At our current rate of $50 per hour, most website builds start at $4,000. That may sound like a lot of money, but most „firms” will charge two or three times that amount! The worst part is that they only do that to cover their massive overhead. We build websites with the same platform (WordPress) and the same process they do, but we keep our overhead to the bare minimum.

Step 3: Digital Wireframes

Many firms still go through a lengthy process of sending pdfs or images of wireframes for approval by the client. We’ve moved on to digital wire frames! We’ll send you mockups of all your pages that are actual live websites that you can view on all your devices to see how they will look through the process.

Once the wireframe is approved, we’ll add images, text, videos and any other content required to make the finished product! Once all requirements have been met, we’ll ask you to verify that we’ve done an awesome job and sign off on the project.

Step 4: Go Live!

Now that your website has been built and you’ve confirmed that everything is in order, your final payment will be due. Once your final payment is received, you will receive three things:

  1. Contract complete statement
  2. Zip file of your entire website
  3. Your website live and ready to be discovered by the world!

We’ll also make sure your new site is submitted to search engines for quick indexing so you can be found as soon as possible.

Additional Website Services

Billed at our hourly rate of $50:

Search Engine Optimization, Website Migration, Website Updates, Domain Management, and more…

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WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Third-party Integrations